Are you doing the right things on social media for your brand?

Most of the brands are on social media because they have to. There no concrete plan or strategy behind it, I am not even sure if the brand managers handling the social media sites are even aware what they are supposed to do. To do proper justice to your brand’s utmost priority should be given to a dedicated and well trained digital marketing team. It is the responsibility of the team to get the best results for your brand. Some of the broad things to keep in mind are as follows –

Content: Good content is the best way to drive engagement with your TG. The content needs to be curated as per the TG, the same material doesn’t work for all.  The content need not be just the written material; it could also be videos, animations, live feeds, etc.  Nothing should look cheap or shoddy, remember it reflects on your brand and perceptions are formed in your TG’s mind. It needs to follow a consistent plan for a longer period of time so that people know when to expect your content and can get engaged in a better manner.

Reaching out: In order to increase the value of your brand online in the form of customer service, loyalty and confidence, connecting with your customers proactively is the best way, but sometimes you have to be reactive too. Whichever way there needs to be a strategic document in place based on which you can check your response strategy, quality of conversations and the KPIs associated with each campaign.

Advertising & Measuring Results: Advertising on social media cannot be taken lightly, it requires constant attention.  All the tracking mechanisms should be in place before you start advertising. As usual, the objective needs to be clearly defined and the audience profile along with behaviours and interest needs to be in place.

All the activities should be measured on an hourly basis and there has to be a tangible ROI from a digital campaign. For some, this might be ad conversions, while for others it could be click-throughs to the website, impressions, the number of customer service inquiries or snapshots of, particularly engaging content. In the digital world, success is a marathon you need to stay focused, updated and open to new ideas to keep your brand relevant.

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