Do you know it is important to consider Amazon for your marketing strategy?

Did you know that in Digital Marketing investment in Amazon is growing the fastest? Over 48 % in 2017. And getting your Amazon strategy right will be helpful in long-term. One main reason being Amazon knows what consumers buy and how they interact with the brands better than Google and Facebook. Amazon knows the actual purchase behaviour.Amazon-Marketing

Nicole Perrin, the analyst at eMarketer, said: “The Amazon audience is ready to buy, and they buy a lot, and over time they buy more and more frequently … and for Prime users, it’s basically even more so. And the Prime audience itself continues to grow.” Do you have a Prime account? If so, then you get it. 50% of Amazon’s prime customers in India are from non-metro.

This is something the marketing world should consider, Amazon is becoming the habitual buying platform for a large group of consumers and they are adding more and more consumers daily.

Amazon also has one of the largest demand-side platforms (DSP), a DSP with exceptionally high rates of satisfaction among its client customers. For product search, display, and lookalike targeting, Amazon is a powerhouse. Besides this, we also have the Amazon Prime which offers a huge platform for advertising and very soon in India, we will have Amazon’s Echo which will virtually know everything about your behaviour.

Fast moving consumer goods manufacturers, like P&G and Unilever, are now competing for Amazon’s shelf the same way they used to compete for retail shelf space. Now brands will have to think how to leverage this “Digital shelf”.

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