How to get the right people to join your start-up

In case of a start-up, marketing starts right from the word go. What I mean is, you have an idea and a vision, and now you have to market it others to quit their job and rally around your vision. The ability to build a passionate, resourceful, and committed team is paramount to the success of your new company. Hiring the first person (the one who is really good at the job) is the first step in fulfilling your vision. Convincing people to leave stable jobs for something uncertain is never easy.  Here are four tips that will be helpful:

Market your vision:

Your vision cannot be explained better by anyone else but you. If you want someone to leave their fat salary and comfort of a big organisation then you have to give your undivided attention each and every time you meet someone. If the person sees your rigour, passion and attention to details at the initial stage he will be convinced about your vision and its success ratio.

Get the right team:

After getting the initial set of employees / partners your job becomes to market them along with your vision to recruit good talent. Since the first set of people have bought into your vision they can talk about it and their reasons for putting their belief in your vision

Show future success:

Even though money cannot be the main reason why one works for a start-up but it is important.  Financial considerations matter when you want the team to be together and grow at a good pace. You cannot afford to lose a team member at the initial stage when the product and the brand are being built. So proper funding, motivation and road map needs to be shared with all the team members at regular intervals

Encourage a sharing environment:

In the beginning employees will dawn various hats, so it will be a good idea to encourage a sharing culture in the organisation. Let people learn from each other and at the same time ensure that no one steps on other persons toes. Drive a mutually respecting, harmonies and fun culture in the organisation. Most of your employees will be spending lot of time in office, so they need to be happy and motivated.

Remember you need good talent working in tandem to build your vision, so you cannot ignore them at any cost.

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  1. Train Journals says:

    Interesting article. But any thoughts on how to manage their expectations on pay scale? I believe more than a challenging environment it’s a fat pay and flexible work culture that attracts young n bright talent to a startup.


    1. If they have bought into your vision then you can offer then ESOPS. Nothing can take away the joy of creating something new and be proud of it.


      1. Train Journals says:

        Fair enough. Thanks


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