Why to opt for a CMS website

cmsToday websites play a key role in marketing of any product / brand. It has to be dynamic and in sync with the latest trend. Marketing managers should be able to make changes on a daily basis and not depend on the tech team. Managers should be able to update their website on a regular basis by publishing company news, press releases, events that happen in the company etc. This will have a positive impact on their consumers and help the organisation stay relevant and ahead of its competitors.

For this the important thing is to have a CMS (Content Management System) website. Some brand managers ask me why should I be bothered about the tech behind my website, I have an IT team that will take care of it. It’s true that IT team is there but when it comes to marketing they should function as a support team and it’s the marketing team that needs to lead the way, they need to take charge.

Agreed a marketing manager is not expected to know all the technical details of a website but they should be aware of the basics, the advantages and how to use it so that their websites becomes an important tool of communication. Ideally if your website is in HTML then you should change it to Content Management System (CMS) as soon as possible. Without getting into the technical details I will explain the basic advantages of CMS over HTML sites

1. With CMS you can change the content literally on a daily basis at click of a button. This ability to change in a jiffy gives you immense power. Let’s say you want to have a new promo offer on your website, all you need to do is just access your dashboard and make the necessary changes and publish it. It’s that simple. OR let’s say you have a 30 page website and want to change the logo or a particular number from all the pages with CMS you can just change once and can apply it on all the pages, whereas in case of static pages you need to go to all 30 pages and change the content

2. You can access website admin dashboard through any device including smartphones, tabs, PCs, laptops. You can make changes on the go without affecting your business

3. CMS allows you the freedom of changing the website design and that too within minutes. There are plenty of free templates available or you can create your own template. In case of HTML it will take you days to do the same and in the process your SEO will be affected very badly

4. What I really like about CMS is that in spite of having the freedom to make so many changes you can actually have a role based user access. You can allow or restrict access to certain team members. E.g. You can allow one team member to write blogs on your site but you can restrict him from publishing it. You can allow the chief editor to check the content and allow her / him to publish it

5. This system also allows you to have plugins (A plugin is a bit of software that can easily plug into your existing CMS site. And can add-on features and functionality that otherwise, would take a lot of effort to accomplish) and it can be installed at click of a button

6. Excellent for SEO, one of the main reasons is that you can have fresh content regularly. And data suggest that search engines have preference for fresh content. You can also have a clean URL (For example, “yoursite/about/” is self-explanatory as compared to “yoursite/?p=5” does not explain much) which is also SEO friendly. Besides optimising the CMS website for speed is much easier by using plugins and you can also integrate Content Delivery Network of your choice is much simpler

As you can see CMS actually puts the power in your hand, it’s up to you how you want to use it for your advantage.

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