Quarterly Brand Building

It’s a very challenging time for brand builders to live in an era of quarterly reporting with immediate profits and investors without any knowledge of brand building.

In good old days we had the luxury of time to build brand and I feel the investors were more open to the idea of long-term returns or at least the ones with that idea survived.

Today the pressure to produce results every 90 days leads to short-term thinking and damages brand building to some extent.

This is where brand builders should think differently (well that’s their job) and combine the short-term sales activity with long-term brand building keeping their consumers in mind. They have to ensure that short-term and long-term objectives are weaved in with each other so that there is no conflict between the two. And chasing both the objectives together will lead to some really good success.

One important task for a brand builder is to align and build the brand within the organisation. So that even if the sales head wants to do a retail activity he or she should come up with ideas that align to the brand thought. There is no need to treat retail sales led activities totally different from brand. Remember in such a cluttered market one wrong piece of communication is an opportunity lost to build consumer loyalty.

At every stage consistency of message should be there; one of the key ingredients for brand building. The marketing budget should be split judicially to achieve the desired result. On an average you can consider a 65/35 split in favour of long-term.  One good way will be to have a brand response campaign around the brand idea that will enable you to gain short-term results in form of CTA and long-term results by reinforcing the brand thought.


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