Engagement on facebook is more important than reach

People come up to me and say that they are getting good reach on facebook but that doesn’t convert to business. My answer to them is very simple, you can only make facebook work for you if your content is relevant, which in turn increases engagement and which later will give you  increased business.  Well reach is important but engagement is more important. Your facebook reach just tells you the number of people who ran across your content and nothing more than that. This reach could include people who unfollowed you, ignored you and marked you as spam. At times they just scroll down, just think about it how many times you just open your facebook page and just keep scrolling and there are plenty of content / post that you don’t even register. But all of those are considered to have reached you.

While engagement is a different animal, with engagement we can figure out how each and every person interacted with your content, which makes it very valuable. People can engage with your content by clicking, sharing, liking or commenting.  Knowing your engagement rate can help you identify the quality of content, it can also tell you if there is consistency in your audience engagement over a period of time. Besides that  you can check how well you are doing compared to your competitors in engaging the community.

There are some simple formulas to measure the same.

Approach 1

This tells you how your content stacks up against your competitors or the industry on average.

Formula:   (Likes + Shares+ Comments + Clicks) / Total Fans.

The industry average is between 1 -2 %

Approach 2

This is a better way to measure how well your content is doing in engaging your facebook fans.

Formula: (Likes + Shares + Comments + Clicks) / Reach.

The industry average is between 10 -20%

To understand how well your content engages with your fans I prefer to use approach 2. To get your engagement statics  go to your  facebook page – click insights – click post – click post types . You will get to see your overall engagement by links, photos, videos and basic status. But this is just data, we need to work with it to make it useful for us.

Firsts calculate the engagement for Links, photos, videos and status updates separately using formula mentioned in approach 2. This will give you an understanding of what gets you more engagement, is it links, photos, videos or general status updates. Once you have an idea focus more on that particular content but do not ignore the rest. Keep a healthy mix of all

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