How to make your app popular and increase downloads

When it comes to increasing app popularity or downloads one of the most important things is to know how people search for your app. 65% of app traffic comes from key words, so key word optimization is imperative.

Remember to look for words that are high in traffic and low in competition. Think how a common person will search, the synonyms that they will use and don’t hesitate to put those key words into title as well. Another important way that tends to ignored is the longtail keywords; it can significantly increase the changes of high ranking because there is far less competition. Be sure to have exact match for longtail key words in the app title, this will increase the ranking because title holds more weight. Also don’t forget to localize the key words in different languages.

Besides this having a website for your app will be very helpful in doubling the traffic by giving more exposure. On your website be sure to include everything, app name, icon, description, devices it’s available on, screen shots showcasing the value your app brings, contact info and a promotional video, also a press kit if possible. To encourage more downloads it’s important to embed viral components in your app. Your users need to become the marketers, give them incentive for sharing on social network. There is no need to target all people, just the right ones. You should reach out to the right blogs, influencers and ask for an app review. All the above steps will increase your chances of downloads and making your app popular. Of course it goes without saying that your app should play an important role in lives of your customers.

Tip: Apple allows you to use 100 characters per localization, so be sure to separate words with comma but without space for maximum benefit.

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