Blog and partner with your customers to build brands

Brands are actually created by the customers and all good marketing people know this. Over the years marketers always looked for ways to reach out to their customers and talking to them.  20 years back when marketing people wanted to talk about their brands they had limited opportunities like; TV, radio, print. They always wanted to say many things about their brand / category and how it will add value to their customers. They knew that this would have a positive rub-off on brands but there was no vehicle for doing this, besides the odd press articles that one would manage to get. Today by the medium of blogs you can communicate what you want to your customers and have a two way conversation. Blogs enable your customers to be familiar with your brand; it’s like putting a more human face to your brand.

Blogging lets you engage in conversation with your customers, they get to know the brand better and the personality of the brand grows on them, they start liking and developing trust in the brand.

Once you have a decent set of followers they will not only talk to you via blog but will also talk to one another and they end up being your best evangelist helping you to spread your brand message through their networks. This is the best form of marketing you can have.

The way you connect with your customers via blogs will make a big difference. Normally customers prefer to know about your expertise and experience, which can add value to them. You don’t have to be a professional writer, just be honest, transparent and be grounded. By doing this you will be able to effectively influence how customers think and feel about your brand.

Over a period of time you can forge deeper connections, shape perception and enhance brand loyalty.

BTW blogs are inexpensive to deploy.


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