Engagement is becoming the core of modern day marketing

In the traditional sense marketing activities were supposed to engage with your end consumers, but somewhere it remained at a superficial level, especially when we compare to the kind of engagement that happens in this era. Today people are well connected and prefer to interact via social media over actual face time. And without doubt the new age of marketing must embrace this new form of engagement with its consumers.

Role of modern marketing is not limited to build awareness and improve sales lead. They do much more than that. It is more on the lines of providing end-to-end solutions. When it comes to modern day marketing one cannot ignore the following:

Engaging: This is a more involved way of building awareness and loyalty for the brand. It becomes less about marketing but more about getting to know your consumer and finding ways of how your brand can solve issues in their lives.

Content is king: This is a very powerful tool; with the right content reaching out the right consumer, brands can increase their brand awareness, engagement, thought leadership position, lead nurturing, share of voice and customer retention.

Lead nurturing: These days lead generations are not enough what we need is lead nurturing. A relation needs to be nurtured with the buyer at every stage of sales funnel and through every step of buyer’s journey. So marketing teams have evolved and have come up with innovative ideas to increase leads and in some cases they have also found ways to close sales.

Beating the competition: Using social media advertising to target your competitor’s consumers and converting them is another key component of modern day marketing team.

App / website development:  Apps are hybrid these days; they are products as well as marketing vehicles. So marketing team is very much involved in the entire process. Marketing teams are suggesting agile methodology and recognizing that websites must be adaptive and constantly evolving to drive business.

Today engagement is far more responsible to the bottom line and the ability to impact company growth.  What I mean is, till the last decade marketing just created brand pull and expected sales teams to engage with buyers to close the deal. But in recent years we have added a bunch of activities into marketing which was never there in the classical sense. Due to high involvement of consumers marketing team ends up communicating with its consumers on a one-to-one basis like; answering sales questions, educating about the products, apologizing on behalf of the brand, helping people find the best solutions even if it is not your brand.

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