UPI Simplified: How will UPI make payment collection a delight

upi-1The most painful experience for a freelancer is to perhaps collect his/her payment. Let’s say you are organizing a trekking activity for the weekend, people from various parts of the city are interested to go. And to confirm their participation you have to collect money in advance.  But meeting them physically and collecting money is a big task and you don’t have time or resources for it. So the next best option is to ask them to do a bank transfer. Even that is a big pain for your customers, because you have to send all the bank details (Bank Name, IFSC code, etc.) to them first and then it take almost one day to register and then after all that payment will be made. And if they don’t make IMPS you wait to check if the money is transferred.

With UPI all this will change. You and your customers just needs to be on the UPI platform with your respective unique UPI id (e.g. abc@bankname) and next time when your customer wants to transfer money you just need to give your unique UPI id and your customer can transfer money immediately, without any hassles. It saves a lot of time and makes money transfer a delight.

Since it’s a new concept it will be a good idea to register for UPI as soon as possible, you can get a really cool unique id.

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