Customer Loyalty

customerA relation with a customer should go well beyond transaction.

With intense competition around, retaining your customer becomes one of the biggest challenges. You need to have a mission, which is not about making money, it needs to be rallying cry for the consumers to jump behind you. Once the consumers understand that, they love you and their love will always bring money to you. When your customers experience good things, they get excited and want to talk about that and in the process builds your brand.

An organization in their goal of achieving monthly targets forgets that you cannot take your customer for a ride. You should always respect your clients, always be truthful to them, don’t make them feel dumb. You might get away in the initial stage but it will hurt in the long run. Also respect their inbox, don’t keep bombarding them with your messages. Email once a week at best and that too about things that matter to them. Respect their time, keep it simple.

Remember to give your customers something new, don’t be stale. You have to give something new to talk about. You can have exact same product, proposition and price. But you can have a new story around it. Talk about new design, new options, features, etc. At a certain stage in a particular category all the products look the same. Hence in order to differentiate, to create more talking points and loyalty you need to tell stories, which are true to your brand. Stories could be about quality, ethical sourcing, what kind of workers made it, etc. all these stories will make a similar looking product very different. And this minor difference will make a huge impact.

Another key for increasing loyalty is responding to your customers promptly. Every customer is a VIP in his mind, so treat them like one. At times it is not possible to have a person respond every time, you can build automated responses that feels like it has a heart. Get the right script, build emotions into it, and infuse it with love for your customers.

The whole game is about the way you feel and not the math that you do. Keep refocusing on the soul of the company and your customers will be with you.

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