Engagement is becoming the core of modern day marketing

In the traditional sense marketing activities were supposed to engage with your end consumers, but somewhere it remained at a superficial level, especially when we compare to the kind of engagement that happens in this era. Today people are well connected and prefer to interact via social media over actual face time. And without doubt... Continue Reading →


Advantages of Demonetisation

Since Indian government announced the decision to demonetise the high value currency, there has been a wide array of discussion across the country. The way I see it there are 4 major advantages due to demonetisation: Government’s project of ‘financial inclusion’ will be the biggest beneficiary of the recent demonetisation. This jolt has made people... Continue Reading →

UPI Simplified: How will UPI make payment collection a delight

The most painful experience for a freelancer is to perhaps collect his/her payment. Let’s say you are organizing a trekking activity for the weekend, people from various parts of the city are interested to go. And to confirm their participation you have to collect money in advance.  But meeting them physically and collecting money is... Continue Reading →

Customer Loyalty

A relation with a customer should go well beyond transaction. With intense competition around, retaining your customer becomes one of the biggest challenges. You need to have a mission, which is not about making money, it needs to be rallying cry for the consumers to jump behind you. Once the consumers understand that, they love... Continue Reading →

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