App Marketing

The challenge  is to create a brand out of an app.

appIt is very easy to get into an app space; so many people are having random ideas and creating apps. Your app is like any other product that you see in the market, and its reason to exist should be to solve a problem in consumer’s life or at least make consumer buy into that concept.  Key to a good app is to ensure that consumers use it daily, they should get addicted. So instead of starting with an idea, it’s better to understand the needs of your consumers and then develop an app, which should be easy to use with better functionality and imagery.


Post developing the app, reach out to some influencers. If your app is about cooking, ask some experts in cooking field, if it is about payments then reach out to payment experts, ask them to review it, get their candid opinion, rework on the app if need be. Then test it with a bunch of consumers and see how they are using it and how much value your app is adding to their lives. Try to get a core group of loyal users; they will help you market the app via word-of-mouth.

In a country like India where people tend to flirt a lot with apps, it’s advisable to let people have it for free. Let them experience it and fall in love with your app. Once you realize that consumers are sticking to your app and if you have the money power, go for the old mass media advertising, it is your best bet to reach maximum people in a short time and it also helps you define imagery for your brand.  Otherwise you have the social media platform that can also make your app a success.

One more important point, which one should not forget is like any other product app takes time to catch the liking of people, if you have a good app be persistent, you will have to test various revenue models, check different promotional strategies for best optimized results.


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