Are you doing the right things on social media for your brand?

Most of the brands are on social media because they have to. There no concrete plan or strategy behind it, I am not even sure if the brand managers handling the social media sites are even aware what they are supposed to do. To do proper justice to your brand's utmost priority should be given... Continue Reading →


Do you know it is important to consider Amazon for your marketing strategy?

Did you know that in Digital Marketing investment in Amazon is growing the fastest? Over 48 % in 2017. And getting your Amazon strategy right will be helpful in long-term. One main reason being Amazon knows what consumers buy and how they interact with the brands better than Google and Facebook. Amazon knows the actual... Continue Reading →

Quarterly Brand Building

It’s a very challenging time for brand builders to live in an era of quarterly reporting with immediate profits and investors without any knowledge of brand building. In good old days we had the luxury of time to build brand and I feel the investors were more open to the idea of long-term returns or... Continue Reading →

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